Welcome to New York

There’s no doubt we’re in New York.

We took the train from Philadelphia to New York yesterday and there were people just waiting to boo us at Penn Station. That was funny. They love their Yankees. It’s definitely different than last year. If you win the World Series against the Yankees, that’s ideal. Don’t get me wrong, last year was unbelievable. But it would be great to tell your grandkids when you’re 60 that, yeah, I played in a World Series against the Yankees and we beat them. That would be great.


I saw the picture of Shane in the New York Post today. It’s funny, but it’s not really funny. They’re poking fun of the guy, and what did he do? Geez. Everybody seems to pick on Shane, and for no reason. The guy just plays hard every day. I know there’s this Philadelphia vs. New York thing going on, but it’s hard to think of this as Philadelphia vs. New York. We think of this as Phillies vs. Yankees. And tomorrow it’s Cliff Lee and our lineup vs. CC Sabathia and their lineup.

But I’m ready to get this going. I spent last Thursday night in the hospital with the flu. Don’t worry, it’s not swine flu. Now I just have a head cold and a cough, but I’ll be ready. I think we’re all ready.


Go Phils! I just moved to NYC from the Phila area and I am so proud of my team. Can’t wait to wear my red in a sea of dreary blue tomorrow.

I love reading your playoff blog. I’m hoping you come back to the Phils next season to go for hopefully a 3-peat at that time and blog the entire season through.

It is Phils vs. Yanks, but it’s also Philly vs. NY.

Here’s a Tale of the Tape between the 2 cities- http://pabaseball.blogspot.com/2009/10/tale-of-tape-new-york-world-series.html

You are awesome Scott!

Hey Scott!
Hope you are feeling better! I’ve tell you that my brother called me from Bethlehem, PA, I live in Florida and he was fired up! He was so upset that these Yankee fans are just rippin at our Phillies! He was really mad about the picture of Shane in the paper. We as Phillies Phans don’t do that! All I can say is let the games begin and lets go kick some Yankee butt! Just remember you are the team that has gotten to this series 2 years in a row with good ole fashioned hard work and not the huge payroll that the Yanks can throw around! I love you guys and wish you the very best of luck!!!!!!! GO PHILLIES!!!!!

If the Phils play their game their way, everything will take care of itself. The problem is the Twins and Angels were as hot as the Phils are before they fell apart and smashed into the Yankee wall. Whichever defense plays better will probably win it all. GO PHILS!!!

Hey Scott,
It’s finally here!! Hope you’re feeling better.
Best of luck to you and the rest of the team. It is going to be tough with all the trash talking i have been hearing. You guys can handle it, you represent Philly and we are very tough skinned.
Can’t wait until 7:57 tonight to see Cliff Lee come out and throw strikes.
LET”S GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Talk to you tomorrow when the Fightins’ lead the series 1-0.

Hey Scott, Sorry to hear about the visit to the hosp. Hope everything is good now, ahh drink some redbull you’ll be fine. jk hope ur ok. i can’t imagine the adrenaline u guys must be feeling right now, i know here in Schuylkill County we r ready and we are pumped..Poor shane ur right everyone does pick on him and ya know what i say it’s jealousy. Gotta say he would look mighty cute with a skirt on just needs a tan LOL. Anyway let’s start this series off the right way , 1-0. And know that win or loose we are all proud of yas !! GOOD LUCK AND GIT R’ DONE BOYZ !!!!

I wish this thing would let me upload a photo. My boyfriend carved a beautiful pumpkin with the Phillies “P” and stars. It’s really cool. It will be burning on the step by 7:57 p.m. tonight….

I had to deal with a couple Yankee fans at work today and they were really getting on my nerves. Give me something to heckle them about tomorrow…go Phillies!!

Helen McK
Wilmington, Del.

I like to think of this series as Broad St. vs Broadway!! Either way its about the rivarly, the fans and the fun. Let’s not forget about the fun! Shane is a trooper for handling all the publicity from NY. They pick on him because they are scared of his skills! Best of luck for Game 1! Enjoy every minute!

Please come back next year, Scott.

And hope you are feeling better soon. Geez….we didn’t know you were in the hospital last week.

Love your blog. Thanks for the behind the scenes glimpses.


hi scott,
My name is Lauren and I am 14 years old from Haddonfield, New jersey. I was sorry to here that you were in the hospital. I was probably one of the first fans to know about it because my dad was one of the EMTs who took you to the hospital. He called me on his cell phone and made me guess which Phillies pitcher he had just had in the back of his ambulance. I wanted to congratulate you guys on another great season and I hope you’re still with us for the 2010 season!

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