Relaxed and Winning


I think we had the lightest mood in the clubhouse ever before Game 5.


Guys were laughing and joking around. I can’t remember who said it, but somebody said, “You have the feeling we’re going to win today.” Just because everybody came here and we were loose.

It was a great game. Chase has been unbelievable. Cliff pitched good. Raul had a big hit. Shane’s hand is fine. I think I’m going to set a record for warming up, but I don’t care. As long as we keep getting outs, I’ll keep warming up.

We started off good, which was big. We had a hit, hit batter, home run. That’s a pretty good start. A.J. Burnett had one of those days, and I think our approach was a little different last night. He threw so many first-pitch strikes last time. Guys were swinging this time. Now we’ve got Game 6 on Wednesday at Yankee Stadium. It should be fun.


Oh what a beautiful morning !! Yesterday I had nice long manicured nails done in red & white, today I’ve got stubs, LOL !! It’s all good !! You guys really came out and played a ball game last night. Cliff seemed to be on for the most part and chase well he was just that chase(awesome) My heart goes out to Ryan but it’s like j roll stated he’ll get it back he always does, gotta have faith…My son got so excited when you were warmin up and than Chan Ho came in . My son says well looks like he’s cheerleading again !! Like you said as long as we keep winning you’ll keep warming up.. We wish you all the best of luck in game 6 , we have confidence and we don’t give up either. And we know the angel will be following you to NY…GOOD LUCK JODI and STEVIE

You could see that the team was feeling good & who couldn’t after that first inning. Chase Utley is sooo Cool!! What a terrific baseball player!
We have to get a look of hunger & confidence on Ryan Howard’s face at bat! He looks frustrated before he ever sees a pitch! Do you see the look in the eyes of the Yankees hitters? They look like they KNOW they’re gonna get a hit!
You guys CAN do this! What a great team & thanks for 2 wonderful seasons of baseball!

Best of Luck!!

Have fun in the Bronx. You should try a potatoe knish with golden brown mustard.
Look forward to two more games.

Way to go Phillies!
Scott thanks to the Phillies for the different batting approach to Burnett. Lee and Chase had great games, and I?m so glad Raul made a big contribution. This city loves his hard work. He seems like a blue collar no nonsense kind of guy that gives it all.
However, I would have liked to see Francisco in left field in the eighth and ninth, and if Victorino said he?s fine, I would have kept him in until he showed that he couldn?t throw the ball.
If I were the skipper, again I would have had you pitch the ninth against Damon and Teixeira. But you guys won and that is all that matters.
Charlie seems to be painting himself into a corner with continuing to repeat in public that Lidge is his closer. If Brad comes in to close a game and gives up a big inning and the World Series winning run(s), then Charlie would have hurt him more than he could have ever helped him by continuing to put him in that situation. I say use Brad, but learn that he is human and if he isn?t getting the job done in a particular game be big enough to bring someone else in. Maybe bring him in against righties. That?s why you are a team! I?d like to see Durbin in the game. He seems the best at giving up grounders and in these small parks that may prove to be important. If a reliever is in and doing well, maybe Charlie can stick with him for a while. Actually, I?d like to see no relievers in the game for the Phillies, meaning the starters going the distance and you guys are in control of the game.
Please let Cole know that we love him. He just needs to learn to be part of a team. Those wins last year were a team effort and I believe those 2 MVP?s did more disservice than help a young guy like Cole. To Cole, learn to be humble and appreciate your teammates. You need them as much as they have needed you. You have been the hero in the past and we appreciate everything you have done. Please show that you are happy for those who may be the hero(s) now. Show your support! Celebrate with your teammates. There is no me in team… I mean there is no I in team. Be happy, enjoy your family, enjoy being a new dad, enjoy the Phillies and enjoy Philadelphia. You are a talented young guy with a big career ahead of you. Respect yourself.

I can?t wait to see PEDRO on the hill Wednesday. People don?t realize that the way Pedro has been developed this season that he is PEAKING RIGHT NOW. Be patient and be smart.
I?m so excited?and Ryan Howard has the Yankees exactly where he wants them-Big Finish and lets see one of them in left field.
One last thing, take it one game at a time and if you make it to game seven maybe it will be Happy on the hill. THE PHILLIES HAVE MOMENTUM and ?rested? pitchers. Make Pettitte pay early and often!

Great game. As I wrote yesterday, please let the team know that win or lose, we are very proud of you guys. While I have total faith in the team; what’s more imporatant is the words that were said from that stage during the NLCS clinching game. We are proud to have you guys represent our city and region. Your heart and class shows on the field every game. Win or lose… you guys are winners in the hearts of Philadelphia and this city (even non-baseball fans) have fallen in love with this team. And it’s not just because you are winning, but its also because of team’s character.

Go to the Bronx and just have fun!!!

Ryan Howard,

Just remember what you already know — you are the power and you got us here! We are all with you — go get em with that big bat and win it!

A Phillies Phan!

Thanks so much for taking time to write these Scott – it helps us feel connected to the team we love so much! Keep up the great work, and GO GET THOSE BRONX BOMBERS!!!!!! Let’s Go Phils!

Thanks so much for taking time to write these Scott – it helps us feel connected to the team we love so much! Keep up the great work, and GO GET THOSE BRONX BOMBERS!!!!!! Let’s Go Phils!

Hey Scott,
Great game. I knew you guys would win it. You forced a game 6 and everyone counted you out. Not us true Phillies fans. One thing i want to comment on: all the talk about what is going on in the clubhouse with Cole, please Phils, don’t let this affect your game. If Cole has problems, let it be Cole’s problem, don’t let it bring you guys down. He doesn’t need to pitch and doesn’t deserve to pitch. I am a fan who believes it takes a whole TEAM to win, we can’t let his selfishness take over. I don’t know what happened to him. I hope he changes his attitude and appreciates baseball and his teamates. LET”S GO PHILLIES!!!! GO GET THEM YANKEES!!! The Phillies are definitely deserving of another world series trophy!! Love you guys..

That was a nerve wrecking game last night. I am so glad that the team came out and play their herats out. We all know that the Phillies have heart and they love to play. I was so proud of the team, so very proud of the team. Now lets get them in Game 6. Stay focused, have fun, stay loose and just go out there and play ball. I am pretty sure Pettite won’t be as effective since he is working on three days rest so just relax. Especially Ryan. Just stay kool we all know you have the power. Even if you are not given anything to hit just work the pitcher, get a wal. The goal is to get on base and score no matter how you score. The Yankees will be coming after you but I beleive in you guys because the Phillies team never complain about anything. Who cares about all those rumours. They are all just envious of a team that seems to be so close knitted. The Phillies are a family, they pick each other up every game. So tomorrow, just rememeber, have fun, play hard, and WIN!!!!. GO CHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no voice and my ears are still ringing from the game last night. It was insane!!! Congrats on the tremendous win. Let’s keep the momentum going into Game 6!!!!! Everybody hit——— Wahoo!!!!

I’m not sure if you actually read these, but thank you for writing. I am so happy that finally the whole country got to see the Phillies’ explosive offense and heads up defense that we fans have been privileged to watch all year. Just go out and have fun. Play like there’s no tomorrow (or Thursday in this case)! Tell Jimmy that there’s a saying on TV that how Jimmy goes so does the Phillies. When Jimmy gets on base and scores runs the Phillies win, and, of course, the more runs he scores the better! And tell Cole that I think he is a phenominal talent, and I understood exactly what he meant when he said it. I saw his frustration all season that he could not be as perfect as he was last year, but that is something all young pitchers go through. He will mature, do what he needs to do this off-season and come back better than ever, I just know it! I was at the NLCS clinching game and it was amazing, such energy, and I am sure last night was the same. Just take the energy from last night’s game with you and remember that when you are being jeered by all those fans in Yankee Stadium there are millions of fans here cheering you on! Whatever happens just know that you have given the fans and the City a team to be extremely proud of and a lot of fun to watch. GOOD LUCK AND GO GET THOSE YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There really isn’t much more for me to say that hasn’t already been said better by my fellow phans so I will just say GO PHILLIES! We all love you guys, we believe in you and it’s because of who you are and how you respect, love and play the game. GO PHILLIES! We’ll be watching, cheering and I’m even praying for you guys – not for an outcome but for you just to have peace. GO PHILLIES!

I missed you at the Trop this year and I just wanted to let you know I even bought a Philly hat and I am wearing it..i hope you come back next year and pitch one more than you can retire and drive your motorhome all over the country..Wow 3rd World Series how cool is that ? Go out and beat those Yankees and bring another Championship to Philly..We are cheering for our hometown boys..Hope to see you this winter if not at spring training in March..
Go Phillies
ps hope the elbow is AOK

I can’t wait for tonight! I am so proud of you guys for making it this far… let’s make it to game 7!!! Just have fun and do your best, and you will always make us proud!

It was great meeting you and your family last night at the restaurant. It was a pleasure buying dessert for another lefty, lol. The Yankees, and Andy, will always be number one in my heart, but your team has provided some amazing ball playing this series and I thank you for that. Enjoy the rest of the series! Warm regards, Diane

Best of luck tonight! Win this thing for Harry!!!


Here’s to wishing that you guys are as relaxed and ready for Games 6 and 7 as you were for Game 5. Keep it light, have fun, do what you do best, and the rest will be taken care of. We’re so proud of you all. We know you will do it. Go get it.

Scott: Bottom of the 7th and your lookin GREAT!!! Go Phillies!!! Beat NYY and force Game 7!!! Everybody Hits–WooWoo!!! Phillies are Unstoppable!!!
Ginny the Phanatic

Hey Scott , It’s tough knowing that you loss but let me tell you something you guys are all winners every single one of you !! You pitched great tonight I was so happy to see you coming back out in the 8th,awesome job, truthfully I think it was the chocolate covered twinkie and the red bull (just kidding) You guys have the biggest hearts I have seen in a long time none of you quit…I watched as J Roll in the bottom of the 8th catching the last out handed the ball to a Yankee fan wow don’t see that happening often !!! Eveyone can harass me for the next couple days hell weeks but ya know what I will still be dam proud to wear my red & white and say I LOVE THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES !!!! Thanks to all the PHILLIES for a wonderful season and so many memories, my son and I only hope that we see your name on the active roster for 2010, it wouldn’t be the same not having you there….Again thank you and we love you guys…..Jaschwartz & Son Stevie, Sch. Haven , Pa…

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