Leaving New York Tied, Feeling Good


We feel good about where we are right now.

The Yankees’ big question mark tonight was which A.J. Burnett was going to show up and pitch? The guy that struggles throwing strikes or the guy that can dominate anybody? We saw which one showed up. A guy with a purpose. He was good. He went out and did exactly what he was supposed to do. He threw first-pitch strikes after first-pitch strikes. He got his breaking ball over the plate. That was huge. When you’re throwing 95 mph and you have one of the best breaking balls in the game? It’s tough to beat somebody like that.

But like I said, we feel good about where we are.

I said the same thing in LA. You want to leave with a split to take away home-field advantage. That’s what we did. We took home-field advantage away. We won the first game, and they came back to play a great baseball game. Of course, we would have loved to have won tonight, but we didn’t. But we know we’re coming back to Philly for the next three games with a crowd that is going to be LOUD.


Scott, Burnett was not as good as he seemed. It was obvious to me that Nelson, the plate umpire, had already decided that the Yankees should win last night’s game before the game started. He accomplished this easily by awarding a strike to the A. J. Burnett curve ball to left-handed batters (such as Howard) that never entered the strike zone but stayed outside and passed the batter two inches outside of the plate. Once Burnett saw he could get away with this pitch, he used it repeatedly against the Phillies’ lefthanders. Replays showed that the ball never entered the strike zone. Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino were repeatedly fooled by the pitch. He threw the same pitch to Werth on the left side and got away with it. The game was illegal.
Also, every pitcher in the major leagues knows that if he throws an inside curve ball below the knees at Jimmy Rollins, Rollins, who crowds the plate, will think it’s in the strike zone and flail and miss at it no matter how far in the dirt it is. Don’t you guys watch films? He looks very unprofessional up there, and it happens over and over again. Tell him about it.

Scott, are you fully recovered from your flu?
Is the flu going thru the club house? Dobbs went home with it, I noticed.

It must have been an amazing thing to be at that stadium last night. Glad you’re all coming home. =)


Comcast as much as agreed with me this morning by entitling its lead article, “HOW did Yanks beat Phils?” How, indeed. The Yankees needed supernatural, “IN(dian)” help to beat the Phillies and got it last night from plate ump Nelson.

What is worse than being heckled for 9 innings??? Being heckled by a girl that has “dirt” on you for 9 innings!!!! Look out Johnny Damon.. I’m getting in your head this weekend…. Check to see if he puts a tissue in his pocket to wipe away the tears…… It it going to be “insanely” loud at the ballpark. I couldn’t believe how dead it was at Yankee stadium. It will be a different environment at our ballpark and the Yuckees will feel the heat. Maybe we will get to see CC sweat like a hostage again like he did last year!!!! Let’s go Phillies!!

Hey Scott, Great to see you in the game last night, it’s a shame we don’t get to see you more often, but Charlie is doing a great job with his decisions. The umpires last night yeah they made a few bad calls one that we benefited us (howards catch at first then throw to j-roll) Yead it did seem to be more beneficial for the yanks but all in all you guys never gave up, Raul came up in the ninth with the double and I text my brother see told you it’s not over, but then it was. My point is you guys never give up, your in it til the end. Can’t wait to get to Philly tomorrow and cheer you guys to another win and again Sunday and again Monday… By the way STEVIE (My son) told me to tell you your not allowed to retire he still has alot to learn and he likes learning from you !!! Good Luck in game 3. GO PHILLIES !!!!

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