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We’re Back!


I had my fast shoes on last night.

I said earlier that one bad thing about being in the bullpen when your team clinches a division or a series is that because you have such a long run from the bullpen you miss the big pile up. So when Ronnie Belliard hit that fly ball to Shane Victorino for the third out in the ninth inning I took off my warmup jacket. Now, you’re not supposed to do that until the final out is made, but I knew he was going to catch it so I was ready to hurdle the fence and run onto the field.

Of course … no pile! I think I’ll have to hope we have one next time.

This was a pretty surreal moment last year, but I know what we’re doing now. It’s a different feeling for me because last year I got traded here in August. I was a bit player. This year I’ve been here all year, and I feel like I’ve done a good job because Charlie has put me in good position to succeed.

No National League team has played in back-to-back World Series since the Braves in 1995-96. I know they won one and lost one. We’d like to change that. We’d like to do what the Big Red Machine did in the ’70s.

But that’s looking ahead. We’re going to enjoy our next couple days off, or however many Charlie gives us.