We’re Down, But We’re Confident

I know we haven’t trailed in a series since the 2007 NLDS against the Rockies. I wasn’t there for that, but I know this team is going to respond the same way we always do. I think we’ll come out ready with Big Joe vs. Big CC in Game 3.


You can’t change anything because you’re down 2-1. We know we’ve got to win three out of four. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before. It’s not like it’s 3-1. It’s 2-1. If we win Game 3, the series is tied and it’s a three-game series, and we like our chances in a three-game series. But no question Sunday is a big day.

Cole said it seems like things suddenly just go south on him while he is cruising. It was the same thing for me when I started. It was one inning. It was three or four runs in one inning. It takes the wind right out of your sails as a pitcher. You could almost narrow it to Nick Swisher’s at-bat in the fifth inning. He was 0-2 and Cole threw him a couple curveballs. He hit one for a double down the left-field line. Then the curveball to Andy Pettitte went to center for a single. Sometimes a big at-bat jump-starts a team. Swisher’s at-bat seemed to do that for them. He’s that type of guy. People love to hate him, you know what I mean? He’s an energetic guy you just don’t want to beat you. You say, “Oh, I hate that rah-rah stuff.” But that’s how he has always been. I remember that when I was with the Giants and he was with Oakland coming up. He’s always been that high-energy guy that seems to spark people.

We got beat tonight. We didn’t make mental errors. They hit the ball. But we’re confident going into Game 3.


You guys are going to get beat tomorrow. CC is a much better pitcher than Joe Blanton.

Enjoy being down 3-1. As for your talk about you guys taking away home-field advantage from the Yankees… look what’s happening to you.

If you’re even used in any of the next games, you should be terrified to be embarrassed by A-Rod hitting bombs off you.

the good news is that the Yankees have three starting pitchers going on three days. You’ve seen them and hopefully you’ll make the right adjustments.Let’s hope our lefties start hitting the ball.
One note, I would have liked to see Ben Francisco come in early in the game while Ibanez was struggling against Pettitte.
Another note, Pettitt didn’t look all that great and I thought he was going to be knocked out in the third, but he managed to hang in there, had decent counts and our lefties chasing breaking balls away.
Let’s win tonight and finish with three in a row.

berniewilliams – you don’t know the Phillies – they’ve proven they can beat anybody even the smug Yankees

Cole Hamels is awful. No heart. The Phillies can beat just about anybody, but with CHarlie Manual conceding to the Yankees the 4th game, a 3-1 hole will be awfully hard to climb out of, especially when the last two games are at baseball’s cathedral in the bronx. The Phils have no shot at beating Sabathia without Lee. Yanks are good for at least 6 off Blanton. Special thanks to Hamels and the bullpen for getting the Yankees bats started. O, if anyone sees Ryan Howard they should tell him to show up to the World Series. He’s missing a good one. You think Rollins still lieks Phillies in 5, hahah, These aren;t the Devil Rays folks. And you called yourselves the world champs, hahahahaha how cute.

Just got back from the Dominican Republican and let me say they like basebol….
Some were Yankee fans and some were Phillie fans. They are all Pedro and Feliz fans.
We had fun watching games 1 and 2 in espanol.
Go get em, and for the record, it is game 4.

If the Yankees fans were really that confident, they wouldn’t feel the need to harass random fans and bullpen pitchers on a blog. Scott, we’re not worried; we know that we’re going to win this series, no matter how long it takes. It’ll be more fun to win it on the road, anyway! Then you can come home for another parade. =) Just be the wonderful team you are tonight, and have fun!!! Go Phillies!

hahahahahha. Phils have no shot tonight. Stupid move by Manuel to have Lee start tomorrow. He just put you guys in a 3-1 hole. Against the best team of the ’09 season. The most successful sports franchise in the history of the world. You got your one world series last year for the next 50 years. The Phillies are a great team, don’t get me wrong. But they are not a dynasty, THEY BEAT THE RAYS! hahaha. They are not the Yankees. No matter how badly they’d like to be

hey Scott, Tough one last night, but it’s ok you guys always bounce back, always.. I think it’s amazing the way fans condem you when you loose but when you win I don’t see their comments on here..You guys know what needs to be done and we as your faithful fans believe you can do it.. Was at the Flyers game yesterday at 1pm and the whole spectrum was chanting Let’s go Phillies, it was awesome..then we went over to tailgate and the atmosphere there was amazing the heart that we have for you guys is absolulty amazing we have confidence that you guys will turn this series around..even if we take it in NY we’ll all be here when you guys come home.. Best of luck to you and the Phillies tonight..GIT R’ DONE… jodi schwartz. sch.haven. pa

Hey Scott!
Ok so things didn’t go so well last nite but today is a new day and a new game. As Charlie says that game is over and lets move to the next one. This series is not over by a long shot! I know that you guys can pull this off! Hopefully Hamels can do what ever he needs to do in the off season to get his head back in the game cause it just didn’t seem like he was there much this year. So lets forget about last nite and disregard all the bashing that we are getting from the silly Yankees! Let’s play some ball! Best of luck to Blanton with the start tonite and lets get the bats going! Jayson sure has done his part this series! We need to get the rest of our bats going! GO PHILLIES! We can do this..ya gotta believe! Ashley from Naples Florida

Hi Scott,
We are all rooting for you guys! We know how tough last night’s loss was on us (the fans) and can only imagine how tough it was on the players. Thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing your thoughts on it. One thing is for sure…we know you guys will be in it 1000% tonight when the game gets underway! That’s why we love you! So be sure to tell all the guys in the clubhouse that we are cheering you on! Go Phils!

Yanks fans thinking Charlie is conceding a game by pitching Blanton is hilarious. Joe is great – very steady – he will be on his game – he wants the start – he wants to be there – why would the Phils fear CC – they have faced him 2 times in the postseason and won both – Cole is 1 player – the 9 players that take the field for the Phils today aren’t going to roll over and give up – they have heart – a win today and everything is even – this wasn’t going to be an easy series, a true battle but I like the Phils heart and team ethic. They will prevail, hopefully MLB won’t make anymore “rules” about homruns, hits etc. that are completely outrageous – that hit was a double wasn’t going over the fence, ground rule double only -however, today is a new day – Joe is a TOUGH guy – he won’t make a mistake in the middle of the plate and u could see by Jayson’s swing on his 2nd homerun is angry and when he is angry, look out, Chase and Ryan need 2 be on base for him and these will be 3-run shots —Maybe Brett can bat today and have anoter epic battle with CC – You gotta believe in our fightins – they have heart and play the game the way it should, with skill not “enhamcements” and umpire assistance!

Hey again Scott!
Just read some of the other comments that have been posted and just wanted to say that yes Blanton is strong and we have to remember that OUR pitchers can hit! So lets see what Mr. CC can do with a bat! Not to mention on 3 days rest! We are behind you guys 120%! GO PHILLIES!
Ashley from Naples, Florida

couple of comments here, the Yankees fan needs to check more than local stats before claiming the most successful sports franchise in the world, the Yankees haven’t been around long enough to make that claim, there are other sports in the world that have a fan base that far exceeds baseball, and the Yankees…. and as another Phillie commenter said we’ve beaten CC each time we’ve faced him in the post season…Blanton has a World Series home run to his credit….anybody that has taken the time to research the Phillies knows its never over unless they are down to their last out and last strike and its Bruntlett at the plate and even that is no guarantee… GO PHILS..follow the Eagles in demolishing NY today…

Hey Scott,
Tough loss last night. We know you guys will turn it around for game 4 tonight. The offense needs to play like they did against the Dodgers. Show these Yankees and their fans who is the best team in baseball.
To the Yankees fans that feel the need to blog Scott Eyre with your comments, visit the Yankees site and leave our Phillies to us, we don’t need your comments. You like to say that the Phillies ONLY beat the Rays last year, I guess they must have started the season in the world series and didn’t play the entire year to get there?? I don’t even remember seeing the Yankees in the World Series last year, I must have missed that part. The Phillies are going to tie the series tonight and then it will be like starting fresh and see what happens!!!!!!!!!!
LET”S GO FIGHTINS” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey again!
Sorry to keep blogging and bothering…Ashley from Naples Fla again…but I keep checking in to read the blogs. I have to totally agree with outsidephillies..the Phillies are NEVER to be counted out of the game until the very LAST out is made. With 30+ years of experience as a Phillies Phan, the Phillies are an amazing team and can come back from anything! We are a hard working team that gets the job done the old fashioned way..with hard work and working together as a team! As much as our guys deserve to get paid the TOP dollar, but unfortunately don”t, we stick together as a team and family! THAT is how baseball should be played and that is how the Philles play! We Love You Guys! Good Luck Tonite!! GO PHILLIES

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