Ready to Rock

I found out earlier I’m headed to the Pearl Jam concert tonight at the Spectrum.


I’m a Pearl Jam fan. I’ve actually met them before, because Kerry Wood knows them, and I played with Kerry in Chicago. I’ll watch the concert and go home. In fact, I’ll probably be in bed before I will be in bed after our game tomorrow night. So I get to go see one of the best bands of all time and still be in bed at a normal time. Not bad.


I’m expecting a loud and raucous crowd tomorrow night for Game 3 (and Games 4 and 5). The crowds were really loud last year, but I think they’ll be even louder this year, because it’s the Yankees. That’s nothing against the Rays, but it’s the Yankees. So I think our fans will be ready.

I actually agreed with Jimmy Rollins when he said the crowds weren’t that loud at Yankee Stadium. Of course, we’re enclosed in the bullpen, so you can’t hear as much. But the only times they really got loud were after home runs. They didn’t get loud for base hits or anything. If we get a base hit tomorrow, I think this place is going to erupt after every hit. I’m expecting that.


Scott, Have fun at the Pearl Jam concert… as for the noise in Yankee stadium, it sounded that way on TV too, not very loud even the cheering after home runs weren’t like that you get at the Bank…good luck to you and the guys in games 3, 4 and 5…
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Hey Scott!
Ok here we go! We are back in Philly where we want to be! The Bank is gonna be rockin tonite! Hope you are ready to pitch cause I have a feeling that we are gonna see you on the mound in either the 7th or 8th inning! Hope you had a good time at the concert and I hope you’re feeling 100% after battling the flu!
Let the games in Philly begin! Best of luck to you and the rest of the guys! Lets go Kick some butt!
Ashley in Naples Florida


Ever wonder how Manuel, J-Roll, Vic, Howard, and Utley would looked dressed up in Halloween costumes singing “Monster Mash”? Well, I’ve got a video for ya-

Please share with your teammates, I think they’d get a kick outta it.

great job, you made the most of your pitches with a little help from the umpire.
In regards to Thursday’s game, Charlie made the right call by pitching Pedro, but the batters were flat. Charlie’s big weakness is that he tries to play little league too much by running up the pitch count.
A.J Burnett couldn’t have been more predictable. After pitching a first pitch strike over a good part of the plate for the first 9 batters you think the Phillies could have started swinging at the first pitch instead of waiting to run the pitcher out on a high pitch count. 14 more batters received a first pitch strike (mostly fastballs over the good part of the plate). Well, A.J. pitched around the plate after the first pitch and made it through the 7th inning. If the goal was to get him out early and get to the middle relief pitchers…it didn’t work.
The games should be different for the Phils here at home, but if you end up with a pitcher doing what Burnett did in NY, don’t wait until the late innings to try to get hits off of a worn-out pitcher.
Did you ever notice that the players arguing with the ump are the ones that are losing or end up losing. Please ask Shane to focus on hitting, and Howard was called out on a ball, but he has the most generous strike zone of all in the World Series.
I’m disappointed that Charlie named Blanton for Thursday’s game. I would like to see Happ get a start (game 5), but I wish Charlie would wait to see if the Phils won tonight to name the pitcher. Have Lee and Blanton both prepare to pitch tomorrow.
Anyway, win tonight and Charlie looks great. Maybe he’ll step in something on the way to the park.
This is the one year anniversary of the Parade and unfortunately Harry is not here with us, so maybe you guys can be inspired and score 10 runs.

I saw Pearl Jam on Tuesday and they were AWESOME!!! Going to have to be even louder tonight for Game 3!
By the way, I made you a Halloween costume :O) Check it out:


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