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Red Bull and Game 1

It got a little intense out there, didn’t it?

Especially for me. I drank a Red Bull in the fifth inning and said to myself, “Man, this thing didn’t do anything for me today.” And then I started warming up in the eighth inning and the Red Bull kicked in hard. When I got on the mound I was like, “Whoa, man. I’m wired right now.” I had to step back. Sometimes you get that much adrenaline going …


… I actually think that’s what might have happened with Madson tonight. He has the stuff to close anywhere in any situation. His stuff is great, but sometimes I think he gets so fired up that he tries to go harder. That’s the one thing I learned a long time ago — take that breath and relax. You pitch in the big leagues because you’re good at what you do. You’re not here by accident. Nobody is here by accident. Everybody is here because they can do this job. Sometimes you have to step back and trust your stuff and take a deep breath and relax. I don’t want to sound all Yoga instructor on everybody, but I took it before and it seems to work …

… I actually was pretty relaxed in the ninth. I think if the first two guys would have gotten on, I would have faced Loney. But once Brad got the double play, I was like, “OK, I’m done.” I wasn’t going to leave the mound, but I knew I was pretty much done because they had used their pinch-hitters. I basically just stood on the mound and listened to the fans yell at me until Brad finished it off.

But winning this first game is big, especially in a seven-game series because we still have three games at home. Tomorrow will be a huge game now. Going to our park with our fans for three games? The possibility of being up 2-0 would be really cool.

And I am very much looking forward to watching Pedro pitch in the postseason tomorrow.


I actually grew up a Dodgers fan. I lived here the first 15 years of my life. My dad is a huge Dodgers fan. When I played for the Giants it actually was hard for my dad to root for the Giants. He’d root for me, but he wanted us to lose, 1-0. He’s rooting for me now, but he’ll tease me and say he’s rooting for his Dodgers. I know for a fact he wants us to win and he wants us to be successful. He just doesn’t want us to play the Dodgers.