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A Great Win, A Great Moment for Jimmy

phillies 1019.jpgWow.

So where was I when Jimmy Rollins rocked the house last night? I was sitting on the bench. In fact, I was the only one sitting down in the dugout.

After I pitch I always sit. I take a seat on the bench and I drink some water. I usually go into the clubhouse when we’re at home and we hit in the bottom of the inning so I can ice my shoulder and elbow and everything. But it’s the ninth inning and it’s the playoffs, so you’ve got to stay out there. When Matt Stairs walked and came out so Eric Bruntlett could pinch-run for him, I got up and walked down to high-five him. Then I went back to my seat. Carlos Ruiz got hit by the pitch and then when Greg Dobbs lined out, I looked around and I was like, “Wow, I’m the only guy sitting down right now.” But I couldn’t move. I had to stay in my same seat. Everybody yells, “Same seat! Same seat!”  You’ll see guys remember how they were leaning against the railing in the previous at-bat and say, “Oh, yeah, I was doing this,” and get in that position. It’s so funny. Most of us do that. Pitchers, especially.

When Jimmy got the hit I jumped out of my seat and almost jumped over the railing before Chooch even hit third base. You start to see everybody else filing out and you’re like, “Can we go out yet? Can we go out yet?” Then you just go out. We were out there before Chooch scored because we knew he wasn’t going to be thrown out. Chooch didn’t even have to slide, but he said he slid just to get dirty.

I don’t think it could have been a better guy to get that hit. Jimmy has been here the longest. He’s been through his ups and downs, but he stays even keel all the time. He doesn’t get too excited. He doesn’t get too down. He’s fun to have around.

The ending to that game was crazy.

We know we haven’t won the series, but we’d like to do it at home. But this was fun. This is such a fun team to play for, and this was a big reason why.