A Great Win, A Great Moment for Jimmy

phillies 1019.jpgWow.

So where was I when Jimmy Rollins rocked the house last night? I was sitting on the bench. In fact, I was the only one sitting down in the dugout.

After I pitch I always sit. I take a seat on the bench and I drink some water. I usually go into the clubhouse when we’re at home and we hit in the bottom of the inning so I can ice my shoulder and elbow and everything. But it’s the ninth inning and it’s the playoffs, so you’ve got to stay out there. When Matt Stairs walked and came out so Eric Bruntlett could pinch-run for him, I got up and walked down to high-five him. Then I went back to my seat. Carlos Ruiz got hit by the pitch and then when Greg Dobbs lined out, I looked around and I was like, “Wow, I’m the only guy sitting down right now.” But I couldn’t move. I had to stay in my same seat. Everybody yells, “Same seat! Same seat!”  You’ll see guys remember how they were leaning against the railing in the previous at-bat and say, “Oh, yeah, I was doing this,” and get in that position. It’s so funny. Most of us do that. Pitchers, especially.

When Jimmy got the hit I jumped out of my seat and almost jumped over the railing before Chooch even hit third base. You start to see everybody else filing out and you’re like, “Can we go out yet? Can we go out yet?” Then you just go out. We were out there before Chooch scored because we knew he wasn’t going to be thrown out. Chooch didn’t even have to slide, but he said he slid just to get dirty.

I don’t think it could have been a better guy to get that hit. Jimmy has been here the longest. He’s been through his ups and downs, but he stays even keel all the time. He doesn’t get too excited. He doesn’t get too down. He’s fun to have around.

The ending to that game was crazy.

We know we haven’t won the series, but we’d like to do it at home. But this was fun. This is such a fun team to play for, and this was a big reason why.


I think it’s fitting that I never doubted we’d pull out a win. We’ve just had so many un-freakin-real wins this year I knew SOMEBODY would come through. Thanks, Phils. And thank you, Scott, for staying up late to give us an awesome reaction to an awesome game.

Remember folks, like all those rally towels used to say: “Believe.”

AWESOME WIN Scott!!! Thanks for posting tonight. Will any of us be able to sleep tonight?? You guys are one win away from getting back to the series to defend your crown, and we fans will be rooting our bleeping heads of the whole way. GO PHILS!!

Scott, you are the man for getting a post up tonight. I figured you would take the night off, but NO!! Nobody on this team takes a night off.
I just want to say that one of the coolest things about all of this is that the most common phrase spoken by fans is just this: I LOVE this team!
We are all so happy to have this exact team in our town it is amazing. EVERY NIGHT! What an amazing win tonight.

Was well worth staying up all night for!! You guys are on a J-Roll. One more and we can revenge LA for the two times they beat us straight in ’77 and ’78. Can’t wait for Cole tomorrow. What a team!!

What a fantastic finish! We never lost hope!!! You guys really define the word TEAM. It was even better beating them after seeing Manny (get a hair cut) Ramirez cross the plate twice. A special thank you for not going into extra innings. We were in section 421 and it was a bit COLD. 🙂


Way to go Jimmy Rollins! You are phenomenal on the field, and yes you were the National League MVP not long ago, but this was your best hit ever. You were laughing in the dugout around the eighth inning and I?m glad you were relaxed because I certainly wasn?t. Thank you for coming through with a clutch hit. Now Broxton has another nemesis to be concerned about.

Scott, my grandafather, whom I never had a chance to meet, died of a heart attack in the arms of a priest after talking about a Yankee game back in the late 1950’s in NYC.
Not sure who they played or if they won, doesn’t mattter. Point is, that is what playoff baseball does to people.
I love this game and the Phillies!
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Unbelievable ending.
What a team!

Scott, how is the elbow feeling?

Scott – Great to hear from you – Congratulations on another amazing win. You are all showing the hearts of Champions. We’re hoping and praying you’ll win 5 more. You deserve it.

Wow Scott, how did you get time to post this? You are the man! It must feel great to be part of the best team in baseball for the second year in a row. I know you guys will clean this up tomorrow night and get some rest before the WS. I am incredibly proud to a Phan – I’ve been a Philly sports phanatic for 40+ years and this is the best team the city has ever had – in any sport. You guys are the class of the sport and epitomize what Team is all about. Damn I’m proud! We all are! Go Phillies!

Wow! What a win! Scott, I had no idea you were so superstitious. Whatever works keep doing it!! GO PHILS!!!

Hey Scott,
Finally got down to one more game and what a game to get to..it is absolutly amazing to watch you guys play. You all play with so much heart and none of you seem to get uptight when ur behind cause you always know someone on the team is gonna bring you back. I can’t imagine the energy you guys feel on the field and in the pen, I know how the energy is for us in the crowd !! Thank you & the guys for an awesome game , the memories keep growing.. Best of luck & prayers this upcoming week we won’t be in the ballpark but we’ll be one of the thousands tailgating ! Take Care & God Bless Jodi Schwartz

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