Got to Forget This and Move Forward

That was about as tough a loss as I’ve experienced.

The only loss that has been more difficult is Game 6 of the 2002 World Series. We were just a few outs away from winning the World Series and Scott Spiezio had a long at-bat against Felix Rodriguez and hit a three-run home run to get the Angels back in the game. It was an at-bat like the one Brad Lidge had against Johnny Damon in the ninth inning last night in Game 4. It was a tough at-bat. Brad made pitches. He fouled them off. He got a single.


It’s especially tough for it to fall on one man’s shoulders. Brad was perfect last year so he’s going to take it harder. But Brad stood in the clubhouse and talked tonight. I’ve played with some guys in my career who wouldn’t stand there and talk. They would tell a PR person to make up something about why they weren’t available. But he stands there like a man. You have to respect that. I know people are upset. I know fans are upset. But he stands there like a man every time. To me that’s very impressive.

We just have to forget about this. There’s no way around it. We have to come to the ballpark later today and say, “We’re going to try to beat A.J. Burnett and the New York Yankees and send this series back to New York.” We can’t let Jimmy’s prediction be a mirror image of what he said.

We have to win three in a row to end the season. We’ve won three in a row before.


Go Phils! You WILL beat A.J. Burnett and the Yankees. It’s not over yet!

if you don’t learn from your mistakes you’re destined to repeat them. It’s like the tall guy going into the basement who keeps hitting his head on the low ceiling.
So what went wrong? Blanton after righting himself from the first inning gave up a leadoff walk leading to two runs. A leadoff homer would have probably given up 1 run because you don?t have to deal with a man on base. You can’t count on the 6th pitch to be a strike on a borderline throw.
Charlie should have learned by now that his left-hand hitters (especially Raul) are struggling against left-handed pitching. Ben Francisco should have played the entire game. Ben should start every game against left-handed pitching. Charlie misused him as a pinch hitter early and didn’t have him available for a double switch in the 9th inning. Between Charlie and Milt wanting to run up the pitch count-you make the Yankees look great. Let?s see, Raul looks at a perfect fast ball strike down the middle. Then looks at a change-up or slider over the plate while adjusting his gloves for every pitch, then swings and misses slider outside. Just mail it in.
Regarding the chase for the high pitch count, CC looked tired from the first pitch except that he could pitch that slider on the outside to the left handed hitter. Kudos to Chase for hitting that homer with the slider thrown over the plate.
Speaking of Chase, he’s made so many spectacular plays in the past, just calm down and make the routine plays…the sure out. We all respect and admire everything you do.
In the 9th inning Scotty, I was hoping Charlie would have you pitch to Damon, but Charlie being Charlie couldn’t do that. He thinks he might hurt someone’s feelings. I do respect Brad, and he would probably deal with it better that Charlie thinks he would.
Whoever made the call to put the play Teixeira to pull while a runner was on first is more responsible than Brad for the first run in the ninth. And why couldn’t you walk Rodriguez instead of letting him put the game out of reach. What is frustrating to me as a fan is watching you guys underachieve, get outcoached and give away 2 winnable games.
So when you say let?s forget about it and then you bang your head on the ceiling while going downstairs. Maybe the coaches could stop and think before they make decisions. Maybe next time instead of doing the same thing over again and expecting different results the coaches could think things through and make better decisions. Like if you were to make it to game 7, who would Charlie continue to have Cole pitch, and would he expect him to make it past the fourth or fifth inning? Cole is a fine pitcher, but right now he doesn?t have the mental part of the game going for him.
I’m proud of all this team has accomplished this year. The Yankees have some higher priced players, but I believe you are a better TEAM. Play as a team and do whatever it takes to win.

Game 4 was upsetting, but it’s not over yet! It is definitely possible to win a series down 3-1, and if anyone can do it, I know my Phillies can! I can’t wait for game 7!

Scott – Cliff can win tonight and Pedro can win game 6 and you can fight to take game 7. We’ve seen you all come from behind many, many times. Go get ’em. We’re praying for all of you.

This was just a perfect display of the difference between a talented team, and a team of champions. The Yankees did all the little things right in game four, and the Phillies couldn’t get out of their own way. The ankees jumped out to a quick lead, and scored both of their lead off hits in the first. The Phillies best 3 sluggers could not get the job done with 2 on and no out later in the game. The Yankees let up the game tying homer in the eigth, and then came right back and destroyed the Phillies closer. And not only did Lidge give up thiose big hits (which he has been so good a doing all year) but his complete lack of concentration in not covering third on Johnny’s steal compounded his problems. You guys shouldda stuck with your original game plan with A-Rod: Just hit him in the back every time he’s up. haha Mariano just owns you guys this series. And it’s gonna be extra sweet to see the Yankees clinche the title beating Lee in Philly, after Lee stupidly accepted the trade to the Phillies rather than the Yankees mid-season. Just think, he couldda had a ring had he made better decisions. Hahaha You think when Rollins said Phillies in 5, he meant the next 5 decades? That’s a little more consistent with your track record.

You’re right, Scott, forget it and move on. I hope the rest of the team feels the same. I must admit, as a Phillies fan for a long time, win or lose, I was very dissapointed Sat. & Sun. night. But, i will forget it, as i have and I know it is possible for this team to win three in a row. I have seen a change in the excitment of the team. The last two games, it seems that my Phillies have lost there fightin’ spirit. What happened? Please, Phils, get it back!!
Let’s go. One game at a time. We are behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to sleep last night, wishing I didn’t care so much. But….I do.

Please win tonight.

I’m not gonna lie, last night’s loss really hurt 😦 But this is why it’s best out of 7. I refuse to give up on you guys and I know every other Phils fan feels the same. One game at a time. I know you guys can do it. Go get ’em tonight 🙂

Can you tell the team to have faith like they always do. It’s only one game. I know that it only takes one game for the Yankees to clinch but guess what that is still one more game. We just need to keep fighting, there’s always hope and many of the Phillies fan are behind the Phillies all the way. We just have to keep fighting, don’t try to over power the ball by hitting home runs. Just put the ball into play, bunt if you must to moev the runners up and things will start to click. I know that the Phillies are a better team than the last three games have shown. We just have to go out there and show the Yankees why we are the team to beat. We have the heart, the passion and the desire to win. And it has to start today because Lee is on the mound, Burnett is pitching on three days rest so everything is lined up for the Phillies. We just have to go out there and take it, it is what all of you guys have been playing for all season so we just have to reach higher for it this time. Teh Yankees are only a better team because we let them be a better team. But we all believe in you guys. Harry believes in you guys, just rub his shoes you’ll see. Play hard today…..we are all on your side.

For what it’s worth, I still have a lot of respect for Brad Lidge. He has been positive all season and I appreciate that he never runs away from the unpleasant media interviews.

It is easy to second guess Charlie’s decisions after the fact. Sometimes things just don’t work out. And a loss or win belongs to the whole team, not just one player.

Good luck tonight!

Thats good that the Philly fans have confidence of coming back all the way to a game 7. I have a question for you fans. what do you think of the comment from Jimmy “talks alot and does nothing to help the team win” rollins on beating the Yankees in 5 games? I remember him making his speech about the Mets and Santana last year. I know he feels like the dumbest ignorant player of 2009.

hey scott, My heart goes out to you get it from all ends..One thing I do have to say on Brad’s behalf, it takes a team to loose the game not one player who comes in for the last 3 outs, and the mistake with Damon it was a mental error not a pitching error, brad goes out everytime and gives us his all, i think he pitched very well last night, keep up the good work Brad !! You guys have confidence in yourselves and you know what needs to be done, the only thing you can do is try, I have not missed one game this year whether at the ballpark or on T.V. and again one thing is for sure you guys never quit, never..As far as J. Roll the comment that he made was exactly that a comment we are all entitled to our own opinion .. Hell I believed you guys would do it in 5 also, thousands of us did..But it’s ok..Go out there tonight and raise a little hell and and try to get the job done that’s all you can do.. BEST OF LUCK TONIGHT !!! Jaschwartz

I want you to know that no matter what happens, I’m proud of the Phillies and to be a Phillies Phan. I know that you guys have been sick during this World Series. I know you’ve been giving your all. I still have faith that you can win the next 3, but if not, I know the Phillies will be back in the running next year. Win or lose, you guys are the best team in Phillies history, and that’s something to be proud of. I hope the core of this team will be around for many more seasons.

Tell Brad Lidge, that he’s still the man. He’s one of the most outstanding professional sports people I’ve seen as a phan. He never makes excusses and faces the music like a hero. There are lots of lessons people can learn from this Phillies team.

Hopefully, Scott you will return next year. But if you do decide to retire, good luck in life and good luck in all your future endevours.

Good luck tonight!


Win or lose tonight you guys had one hell of a year and gave all of us phans something to be proud of. Next year the majority of you will be back and we’ll play in the series again. Take it back to NY and make them struggle to end this. I still believe you can turn this around and repeat

Hey Scott: Please tell the team we believe and “it ain’t over til it’s over”! One game at a time. Win Tonight! If they believe they can, they will! I’d love to see the Phillies win it in Yankee Stadium in GAME 7! Talk about exciting! GO PHILS!
You’re just Unstoppable! Cliff Lee Rocks! We love you guys!
Beat those Yankees tonight! Ginny “Phanatic”

Hello Scott,
Before I say anything, dude, you are a charater on The Pen…….Please let the team know that they have my heart no matter what happens. I am proud to be a philly phan!!! We may be down but, we are not out. This team has proven time and time again that it is possible to accomplish anything, even if the odds are stacked against you. Just look at last year and the year before. We came back from large deficits in the regular season to beat the Mets than win back to back pennants, than, went ahead to win the 2008 world series. That is why I have faith that winning this year is still possible!!!!! On another note….I will never loose faith in Brad Lidge, he is the best closer in my eyes. He has tremendous talent and seems like a great person. Just take this season and build on it!!! This year can only make you stronger. Last night was unfortunate but, I thought he pitched great. It was just one bad defensive move that changed it all. I am still confused why the infielders were lined up that way, but I’m not the coach. I know all of you will bounce back tonight and keep this series going. Off of baseball….After reading and listening to Brad’s interviews about faith/religion I just want to say, Thanks for helping me find my way back to my faith. I will never forget that. All of you are #1 in my eyes!!!Go Phillies!!!!

You’re right we do have to forget. I thought for sure we were going to win the game last night. I’m not mad at Brad, just disappointed. I think the umpires made questionable calls that could’ve swayed the game more for us. But we have to forget and go out tonight and win this one. We have to take it one game at a time like we have done all season.
Good luck tonight!! Win one for Harry!

Scott, want you guys to know regardless if you win or lose, I’m proud of all of you guys and I love you. You guys did a commendable job this year. You got to the World Series twice and clinched NL East three times.
As for Brad Lidge, he really tried his best. I love all you guys, but Brad is my guy. I really respect and admire him. He faces the horrible news media and responds to them in a positive matter. Never makes excuses. Give Brad a hug and let him know I am still rallying for him.
I’m also rallying for you guys to win tonight. GO PHILLIES!!!

It’s done. Bad night.
Tonight is clear, dry and not too brisk.
Great night for a win. Great night for the fans.
And a great night to win for Harry!
Good luck!

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