Getting Ready for Game 3, Cold Weather

The pitchers have been geting asked a lot the last couple days about pitching in cold weather. It’s supposed to be freezing and snowing for Game 3 tomorrow night at Coors Field.

Sounds like fun.

I can say that it is harder to get a grip on the ball when it is cold. You will see guys step off the mound and blow on their hands, just to try to keep some moisture on their fingers. Guys use the rosin bag to get a better grip. I don’t use rosin at all because I lick my fingers too much. So if you put rosin on your fingers and lick it — it’s nasty. I’ve done that before. I remember I was on the mound in San Francisco in 2003 or 2004, and I started spitting on the mound because I had that taste in my mouth. It does not taste good. I grabbed my jersey and actually started licking my jersey to get the taste out of my mouth. It was terrible, but it was actually pretty funny.

Getting loose isn’t so bad in cold weather, but staying loose can be a problem. If you have to get up and sit down and get up again, that’s hard. But just getting up is not a big deal. At least it isn’t for me.

I will not be wearing sleeves tomorrow. I don’t like sleeves. I won’t be wearing Under Armour, either.

Are the concerns about the weather tomorrow legitimate? Yes, but both teams have to play in it.

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Scott, Was this your first blog? Great story about the rosin bag. You definitely have a knack for blogging!

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