A Great Night for Lidge

I feel great for Brad Lidge.

He got a Good Guy Award recently from the Philadelphia baseball writers. How many guys do you know who blow 11 saves and still stand in front of their locker every day and take full responsibility? I’ve never heard the man make an excuse. He has never blamed his knee. He has never blamed the weather. He has never blamed anybody. It’s a pleasure to be around somebody like that.

I pull for everybody in our bullpen, but when he got into the ninth inning in Game 3, I was pulling for him more than anybody. Think about it. If he can do what he did in the playoffs last year, that puts Ryan Madson back in the seventh and eighth inning. That put me in the sixth to eighth inning. It makes every one of us better. That’s not to put pressure on him, and he knows that. He doesn’t care who gets the save. He’s not an ego maniac. He’s a prideful man, but he keeps himself in check. But if he can pitch like he did last season, I think you’ll see our bullpen really fall into line.

But this was a big win for us. We really battled back.


I sprained my right ankle in the seventh inning. They’re calling it a mild sprain. I’ll be able to pitch. You can bet on that. Ruben Amaro Jr. would have to hold me down and tie me up and that’s not going to happen because I’m bigger than he is. I know I’m one of only two left-handers in the bullpen. I also know this might be my last season in the Majors. I’ll be fine, but I sure would love Cliff Lee to throw a seven or eight innings in Game 4 to give me a couple days to rest it.


Thanks for laying it out so i feel like I sat in the bullpen tonight and talked about everything. Good job Scott of summarizing Brad’s attitude and place both in the pen but in your respect for his God given ability.

Well done last night!
I listened to the radio in bed until the last out… a bit sleepy today but thanks for making it worth it.
Get into that Zen-like trance of champions and mow down everything in your path.

Personally I like the aircast for sprained ankles of moderate severity. If your’s is mild I’m sure they’ve got some fancy taping and a little acetaminophen.

Thanks for your courage to phight on!

Well I’m sure glad to hear you’ll be able to pitch. I saw that game I thought “How many of our pitchers can have THAT EXACT THING happen to them?” so it’s good to hear it wasn’t as severe as what happened to Cole earlier this year and the other injuries suffered by Chan and J.A. on the mound. We’re gonna need you Scott, and if you’re really gonna retire, we’re sure gonna miss you next year. Let’s finish this thing! Go Phils!


I really like your attitude and your “average guy” swagger. I really felt bad for you last night when you went down (yes I stayed up till 2:30 watching you guys freeze through another big win). I thought you’d be done for the rest of the playoffs after that. I can’t wait till Chuck calls on you again in Philly, you strike out the side, and see the Bank go wild! But as Schmitty would recommend, let’s just take it one pitch at a time to another championship. I’d love to sit and have a beer (or two or three or…)with you and Matt Stairs to celebrate and compare our bellies when all is said and done.

Scott, u have been the unsung hero on the team this year. Your stats have been stellar, and Im hoping you decide to have surgery in the offseason and come back for another year.

you know what i love most about this team? its character…the cohesiveness…and the way you guys just LIKE each other…. you speak about lidge and his good attitude and i agree with you, he’s a great guy… but i have to give it to you too, scott… i was at the game at the bank when you guys clinched the eastern division for the third straight year… that could have been YOUR night, your close of the game, but there was a bigger thing happening, a bigger picture that included bringing lidge out to finish the game. You humbly passed the ball to charlie, knowing what that meant for you. YOU are a great guy too scott, thank you!!! keep up the good work, i too, stayed up until the last pitch last night, and it was well worth it!!!

Come back for another year Scott! We love ya here in Philly.

Thanks for your hard work and positive attitude 🙂 It’s been a great post-season so far and I’m looking forward to watching the rest.

Well, very tired today, but it is worth it. You guys keep it very interesting until the last pitch.
Hope your ankle isn’t too bad and thanks for your hard work and great attitude. Phillies fans love that about guys like you, never want to sit, always ready to get out there. I would love to see you back next season.
Even though i would love to see you win at home, get it done tonight so that you can rest for a day before meeting the Dodgers.
High hopes here in Philly. Good Luck, Phitins’.

You are an awesome player to watch. You take even the hardest jams and exit without breaking a sweat. Hope the ankle is feeling better today. If this is indeed your final season, I’d buckle up, I think you’ve got more playoff baseball coming your way. Thanks for giving it your all every game, and being a presence on the bench and in the pen. Best of luck the rest of the way.

You are an awesome player to watch. You take even the hardest jams and exit without breaking a sweat. Hope the ankle is feeling better today. If this is indeed your final season, I’d buckle up, I think you’ve got more playoff baseball coming your way. Thanks for giving it your all every game, and being a presence on the bench and in the pen. Best of luck the rest of the way.

I’m so happy I found your blog! This is great. =)

So will you tell us, please, what it was like to play in that cold weather??? How can you do it?

And I noticed the guys weren’t sitting in the dug out. The seat is too cold?

What stuff have the Rockies done to make playing in that frigid weather a little easier?

Best of luck to you! Win!
Carol http://howboutthosephils@mlblogs.com

Hey Scott!
I must agree with fightinphils26, you are really fun to watch! I don’t think that I have ever seen a Phillies relief pitcher come out of the bull pen and pitch with everything he’s got and with souch heart! And I have been watchin the Phillies for 30+ years! You really give it you all when you are on the mound! I am really sorry about your ankel! I know that won’t keep you down…I mean you’re pitching now with floaters in your elbow! As a Phillies fan I can appreciate your positive comments about Brad Lidge. You also have to give yourself kudos for the job that you do out there! Thank-you!
Best of luck to you and the rest of the Phillies! GO PHILLIES!

Great post Scott, keep up the hard work and positive attitude and hope to see you back on the mound real soon. Thanks for being a Phightin Phil! 🙂

Retire? You can’t go out like this! Get that loose cartilage fixed over the winter, and report for spring training that’s an order! You’ve easily become Philly’s all-time favorite left-handed specialist 🙂

You guys were absolutely awesome tonight; well done in the ninth! Thanks for that, and good luck on Thursday! GO PHILLIES 🙂

Hey Scott, great job tonight! Way to tough it out…and glad you did not have to wrestle Ruben ;O) Seeing you and Lidge hug after the game was just heartwarming :O) That is what I LOVE about this team…you guys really care about each other and it shows. Truely the best charachter in all of baseball. Get some rest and best of luck beating LA!
By the way, have you talked to JC? Erin says his surgery went very well. I am SO sad he won’t be with you guys :O( They have really been through the ringer this year…keeping them in my prayers. Take care,


Scott, I thank you for being a humble human also. It takes special people to help out a guy who needed to gain his confidence.
As a fan, I’ve observed the same about Brad you mentioned. I don’t like him becasue he was the one who got Philly to the World Series. I just love and respect this guy because he is a humble human being.
Greatist of all, you guys have an awesome manager, Charlie Manual. NL East 3 years in a row-2 NLCS in a row. Charlie was incrediablely patient with Brad during this year.

I love this blog and reading the comments. It’s very up-lifting to your soul! Keep blogging Scott!

Hey Scott you did a great job in the NLDS!!!!! PLEASE GO TO MY BLOG!!!!! http://thephillykid.mlblogs.com/
And I love Brad Lidge! ask Lidge I had a sign that said “Brad Lidge’s #1 fan” And he waved to me!!!

PS. My mom likes you too

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