Feeling Good

People like to ask us what we’re thinking heading into this series against the Dodgers.

Where are our heads at?

I think we could be down 3-0 in a series and I don’t think our clubhouse demeanor would change. I really truly believe that. I don’t think anybody in here knows how to come to the ballpark in a bitter mood or thinking we can’t win. I don’t think anybody in here thinks we can’t win any game, no matter who is starting. I think everybody comes to the field thinking we’re going to win. We just come with the attitude of we’re going to come to the park, have fun and play. And that starts with Charlie. He says it. Have fun and play hard. Play hard, but enjoy it. One time he told us to enjoy our surroundings. Enjoy what we’ve got. Make it worth it. If we’re here we might as well play hard. He’s great that way.

I heard today that for the first time in a long time that teams with the top two records in the National League and American League are playing each other in the NLCS and ALCS. It’s Phillies vs. Dodgers and Angels vs. Yankees. You’ve got your Final Four right there. That’s exciting to me because sometimes you win 100 games in the regular season and you get swept in the first round. That happened when I played for the Giants in 2003. We lost in four to the Marlins. We had 100 wins. We had the most wins in the National League and we lost.

But this team makes you want to play. Just being around these guys makes you want to come to the field every day. It is an inspiring bunch of guys. Just go out and have fun. That’s we try to do.

There are two pretty good teams playing in this series. Hopefully, it’s as exciting as the first couple games in Colorado. I loved it.


This is a first for me commenting on a blog. I have enjoyed reading these and everyones comments. Scott, I just wanted to tell you to have fun tonight.
Love ya, Mama.

Good luck Scott! Good luck Phillies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See you when you return home 2-0.

Good luck tonight, Scott! Will be cheering from the couch on the rainy East Coast :O) And probably yelling at the TV a number of times… :O) Have a GREAT time!


Scott, I feel like I know you a little because I watched MLB Network’s “The Pen”. The show ended with Lidge in a mess and a feeling of uncertainty in the pen. You guys have come a LOOOOOONG way. Keep up the great work on the mound and on the blog!!!!

Beat em up, Scotty! The Dodgers that is.. and while you’re at it ask Jimmy to get a walk and a stolen base… Lay off those low breaking balls. The Phillies need him to be an effective leadoff batter. Also ask Feliz to please lay off those low and away pitches.
Hope to see you on the hill.

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