Looking Up, We Got A Split


I’m sure everybody back in Philly is upset about what happened today, but we’ve got to look at today’s loss differently.

We came into a place that is tough to play and split. That’s how we feel. Do we think we could have won today’s game? I believe so, but Vicente Padilla threw a very good game.

Jim Thome was 0-for-7 in his career against me when I faced him in the eighth. I just left a slider over the plate. It didn’t break. I watched the video and it just cement-mixed spun up there and he hit it. It was bad mechanics. My arm was down low. It should have been higher. If it’s up higher I drive the ball down and get that break. If I throw a good one he either rolls it over to first or swings and misses. He just filleted it into right field. He didn’t even hit it that good.

We’ve got a 4 1/2 hour flight home. We’ve got a workout tomorrow. We have Cliff Lee on the mound in Game 3 on Sunday against Kuroda. That’s not a bad situation to be in. If we had gotten our butts kicked twice in a row, I think it would be different. But we played two good games against a really good team.

We’ll try to relax on the flight home, eat the nasty food on the plane and move on. We split. You’d love to go 2-0 on the road. 0-2 stinks. But we’re going home to play three with our fans with a split.

Wear your winter coats and be ready. We’ll need you.


your blogs are awesome i really enjoy reading them and cheering the phils on to another title i’ll have my winter gear ready sunday, monday, wednesday we

your blogs are awesome i really enjoy reading them and cheering the phils on to another title i’ll have my winter gear ready sunday, monday, wednesday we lovee you scotty!!

Coming back to Philly with at least a win was huge. That game may have taken a year or 2 off my life, but I’m sure you’ll get Thome next time you face him, Chase will make that throw next time & the bats will come back alive & get more run support once back in Philly. Enjoy the (Semi) off day tomorrow & see you at the park on Sunday night. Ps- garbage weather favors you guys with all that experience in it last fall!!!!!!! Keep up the Blogging Scott; good stuff!!!

Nice post Scott. Nothing to hang your heads about, we still have home-field advantage and CBP is gonna be rockin’. Chase makes that throw 98% of that time and the errant throw in Game 1 was a different story than the one in Game 2. No problems there. Split in LA and 2 out of 3 in Philly puts us right where we need to be; but hey, we won’t mind if you sweep ’em here and clinch in Game 5 rather than Game 6 or 7!

The fans have your back, Scott. We’ll be there to cheer!!


He the only person that a right to be disappointed right now is Pedro, but he knows this is baseball. This stuff happens. Right now the whole country is saying “Whoa! Pedro’s back!” and the Dodgers got a lot of lucky breaks in one inning. Are the Dodgers gonna win 2 of 3 in Citizens Bank Park? Hell no! Is every slider gonna break right? No. Will there be more mistakes? Probably! But right now it’s 5 game series and the Phils have home field. Way to go!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Scott. I can’t wait to see the expressions on the frozen Didger faces when they start game three. The Phils thrived in frigid Colorado, but spoiled Californians have’t experienced temperatures below 60 yet. Kuroda should be very stiff in his first return from injury. PATIENCE at the plate will knock him out by the 4th. GO SCOTT!!!!!! GO PHILS!!!!!

Great keeping up with you on the blog–thanks Scott! My husband and I are huge fans of yours.

Can’t wait for Game 3!!

So was Pedro suffering from the heat or was Charlie in panic mode for pen matchups, just wondering why Pedro was pulled on a low number of pitches when he had only given up 2 hits…
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Just found out about your blog! I just read every post, I love it!

Tough loss against the Dodgers, but a split is still big on the road.

The bright side is that you guys took game 1, and killed any “momentum” they had coming off of that sweep.

Seems the only way the Dodgers will win the series is if we beat ourselves in close games.

Go Scott!

Oh, by the way, Scott – in Sellersville, PA, just a block from Grand View Hospital, the birthplace of Jamie Moyer, is Eyre Ave.!

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