Cliff and Chase Are Great

Ryan Madson and I typically lace up our shoes in the sixth inning of every game.

I looked at my feet in the seventh and my cleats were still untied.


I guess I knew I wouldn’t be needed last night in Game 1. Cliff Lee was awesome, and I’m not even talking about his defense. The guy throws a complete game against the Yankees, who hit a ton of home runs at Yankee Stadium. He walks nobody. He strikes out 10. He throws a complete game. Incredible. Things were going so well for him that I told Jimmy Rollins earlier that if we didn’t have a DH he probably would have gone deep, too. It was that kind of night for him.

I remember texting Kerry Wood the day we traded for Cliff.

“What is Cliff like?” I wrote.

“Just wait,” he texted back.

After Cliff’s first game in San Francisco, where he threw a complete game, I went back into the clubhouse and checked my phone.

“Told you,” Kerry wrote.

And I heard earlier that Chase Utley is the first left-handed hitter to hit two homers off a left-handed pitcher in a World Series game since Babe Ruth. That’s ridiculous. You know the best part? Chase couldn’t care less. Honestly. Chase has been the leading vote getter for the All-Star team and you’d never know it. He’s the first guy at the field every single day. Literally. But we have a bunch of guys like that in this clubhouse. That’s why I like playing here so much.


WOW What a way to start off the World Series !! Job well done guys !! Only 3 more , ur fans have faith ! As I was sitting watching the game my brother text me with something that is so true ” U NEED MONEY TO PLAY ON BROADWAY , U NEED HEART TO PLAY ON BROAD STREET”, i got the chills cause if there’s one thing that’s for sure is you guys have heart and u play with it, there’s no quitting in the phillies and we your fans will never quit on you either…Good Luck with game 2 tonight, we’ll be watching…Go get’em phillies…jodi schwartz, schuylkill haven,pa

what a great feeling to Spank the Yanks! Lets get a fast start tonight, hit some homers and keep the game out of reach. I love hearing McCarver and Buck with nothing bad to say about Philly. Yes, they are monotone about it, and I’m sure they waiting for the Yankees to do something. So finish the Yankees off…come home with 2 wins, and don’t give the national media a chance to idolize New York.

Let’s have Pedro show New York “Who’s Your Daddy?” And lets back him up with a few more runs this time.

I believe Charlie has done well with the selection of pitchers throughout all the post season games (except the eighth inning with Pedro against the Dodgers). An exceptional job to the skipper and the supporting coaches. Maybe the players could give some kudos to the coaching staff for being prepared. And what is with these other teams that have to switch their lineups…like it makes a difference. I guess it just helps validate the coach’s job.

My big little wish is to see the Phils leading going into game 4 and seeing Happy on the hill. He pitched well against the Rockies considering the cold weather. In the first inning, I believe there were 3 strikes that were called balls that lead to 2 runs. In a later inning the same thing happened on one pitch that eventually cost the Phillies a run. Anyway, he has pitched well all year and I’d love to see the Phillies in a position to let him start in his first World Series game.

That was unreal last night! The talent on this team is amazing. The NY media can take their disrespectful comments and eat them!
I was in NY for the All-Star game last year and was probably the one of the few Phillies fans on the parade route for miles. Chase spotted me, smiled, said hello and asked how I was doing. You’d never know this guy is a huge star…so down to earth. Right then too, Mike Schmidt saw me, stood up, pointed right at me and yelled “Phillies!” Best moment EVER! That is why I love this team and this city…you guys have such respect and appreciation for the fans. That just does not happen in other cities. Good luck tonight!!


Hey Scott,
What a game. What a way to start the world series.
I would have loved to see you come in the game, but Cliff had it under control and we are loving it. Good luck tonight, hopefully Pedro can duplicate the great performance.
LET”S GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Scott!
What a great game last nite! I must agree with Jodi form Schukill Haven (i used to live there too) you guys have the heart! Not to sound Quirky but heart is 99% of it all! I know that you are anxious to pitch and you will get your chance and you will do great! I know that I have said this in my blogs before, don’t know if you read em, but I am the former firefighter…WHEN you get the call to pitch remember, stop, take the deep breath, then get on the mound and kick some ***!!!! If anyone has heart on the team it is you! You are pitching with a floater in your elbow that has got to be extremely painful, and are you complaining? NO you are out there EVERY game and helping the team. I know that some days it’s just cheering the guys on, like last nite but let me tell you we NEED you and we all love your and your dedication to the team! As so many other folks have said I hope that you are back with us next year! Thanks for everything! Best of luck to you and the rest of the team! GO PHILLIES!
Ashley DiMaria from Naples Florida…30+year Phillies Phan!

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