Now That Was Fun


That was an instant ESPN Classic. I’ve played in some good games. I’ve played in some fun games. Right now this might be my favorite game ever.

While we were celebrating on the field tonight, I told Brad Lidge, “I’m tired of setting up your saves!” He was laughing like crazy when I said that. I got the second out in the ninth inning and I was telling myself, wow, this really would be the coolest thing to get a save right here. I hadn’t gotten a save since 2004. And now I had a chance. But I had to face Todd Helton, who is one my favorite hitters to face. He’s unbelievable. When he came up I gave him a little head nod. I think he nodded back. I’m not sure. But I thought it would be the coolest thing to get the save. I wanted it so much I overthrew the last fastball to Helton, and he singled to center field to put runners on second and third with two outs. Charlie brought in Lidge to get the save at that point, but I really didn’t care. I just wanted to win.

After the Rockies had taken the lead in the eighth, I was thinking, ‘Man, I really want to go to LA tomorrow.’ And then base hit, walk, double. Whoa. It was ridiculous, especially when Ryan Howard doubled because they were playing a no-doubles defense. Crazy.

And then Charlie called me in to start the ninth. It was the biggest spot I had ever been in. That’s it. We either go back to Philly to play tomorrow, or go to LA. But I’m happy. I gave up a jam-shot single to a guy hitting .750 in the series in Carlos Gonzalez. And then I gave up a hit to one of the best hitters in the last 12 years. What are you going to do, you know?

Well, I know I’m going to LA and I’m pretty excited about that.

Never a dull moment, you know?



You are one gutsy dude, and I love it. Hurt elbow, twisted ankle, it doesn’t matter you still get the job done. Congrats to you and your teammates. I sure do hope the Phils extend an offer to you this offseason, because having you in the pen is a good thing.

I invite you to check out my blog. You can get the link via Todd Zolecki’s (The Zo Zone), its’ called We Should Be GMs. I’d love to interview you this offseason via email (Chad Durbin did this with me last year). Shoot me an email if interested.

Now go take care of those Dodgers!

Scott and Phillies, Congrats on a huge win! My heart was in my throat when the Rox took the lead in bottom 8th. My nerves were so shattered I had to go out for a walk just to shake it all off. I got back in time to see Ryan’s double and JWerth’s game winning single! Now on to repeat last year’s NLCS with my late husband’s team, the Dodgers. I hope you all keep on winning. Your tears in your interview last night were touching and sweet. I could tell you were really feeling the joy! And congrats to Cole and Heidi on their new baby! Keep on flying high and here’s to another Red October and hopefully November!

Congrats to you and the Phillies, Scott!! What a great game… really proved what we’ve been seeing all year long: you guys never say quit. Can’t wait for Thursday and another NLCS win against the Dodgers! Best of luck!!

Scott, you are awesome! You are who the fans can relate to the most. Not the fastest or the strongest athlete in the world. But the one who relies solely on his heart and his drive to succeed.

You became my favorite Phillie back in August when the Braves were smoking us like a bad cigar, 9-1. The skies opened up in the 8th inning forcing the game to be, thankfully, called. About 90 minutes later, you were the last player out of the bullpen coming to the clubhouse. You came walking through the downpour in your bare feet, and kicked up a puddle of water as we were applauding you from afar.

Good luck against LA. Let’s go Phillies!

Way to go, Scott. It’s terrific seeing you in these prime-time situations….ever since you stopped to sign the ball for my son and I, waiting by the parking lot in the pouring rain earlier this year after a rain-out, we’ve been following you closely and appreciate what you bring to the game: fun and excitement. GO GET IT!

Scott when you showed in the ninth I knew we were gonna be ok! Gonzalez was amazing this year and I fear a force to be reckoned with in the future, however when he did get on he stayed put with you on the mound. Your guts and determination in making yourself available after the previous night’s injury was a “Schilling” moment.

Philliesfan mentioned that you took the time to sign his son’s baseball which in my mind is another insight to the classy guy you are. I hope all of our players and other young guys coming up can take a page out of your book!


Back here in Philly country, we were holding our breath last night. Scott, when you came out in the 9th, we were really hoping that you were going to get the save. I was so glad the Phillies won, but it would have been great to have you get that glory. Nothing against Brad, but Scott, we were pulling for you. Good luck in LA and have fun. Just think, it will definitely be warmer in LA than Denver.


Awesome job last night! You showed so much heart pitching a night after straining your ankle. You are such a big part of this team and as a fan I am glad you are here!

Hey Scott,
Congratulations to you and the Phillies on a great win last night.
I was so happy when i saw you come into the game, remembering that you said, even with the sprained ankle, you were ready. You did a great job, sorry you had to come out of the game, but team is what its all about. To see how happy you were when Lidge got the last out was great. It showed that you were okay with the decision Charlie made and I was glad to see that.
Best of luck against the Dodgers. We’re waiting for you guys to come back to the Bank and win it.
We love you here in Philly. LETS GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott you are the man! Id say you were the NLDS MVP!!!! All you do man is throw strikes! I understand charlie loves brad lidge but id keep u out there! Keep throwing those strikes man! Oh and you are such a good guy i saw you outside he ballpark last week and you signed a couple ws baseballs for me! I hope you come back next year the phils would be crazy not to resign you! Stay cool man and good luck in the nlcs!

Your fan

Billy Mason

Hey Scott!
What a great game! You did a great job last nite and I was hoping that you would be able to get the save but overall I think you and Lidge make a great team! I must say that these last two games with the rockies were nerveracking! I want to wish you and the rest of the Phillies the best of luck with the Dodgers! I’ll be watching. You guys can do this…let’s prove alll of our Phillies doubters wrong and get to the world series again this year!


The “floating body” in your arm has to be the envy of all floating bodies… It gets to hitch hike its way all the way to the NLCS. Keep up the Great work (at pitching and writing)! P.S. You have the best Facial hair on the team!


You are the man in the Pen!!! I say we go ahead with the 4-man, left-handed rotatation against LA… Lee, Hamels, Happ, and Scott Friggen Eyre. Keep up the great work!


Any chance you can get 5 die hard Philly fans living in LA some tickets? I know its SO cheesy but hey I figured it didn’t hurt to ask. If you guys have any seats to give away my family would dress in red like you can’t believe and tell Brad to chip in since as a pastor I can be cheering AND praying at the same time! We’ll be watching one way or another. Last yr all I could afford was 2 seats for me and my son. If you got any connections, let me know? 🙂 818-524-7749.


Scott — great game last night! Thank God you’ve been able to contribute while the rest of the bullpen has faltered. I can’t believe you came back the next night after rolling your ankle — in slo-mo that looked like it hurt like hell. You are one tough dude, not only to pitch on a bum ankle but with an ailing arm too. Get some rest. You deserve it. We’re going to need you again starting Thursday night. Let’s go Phightin’s!!!

sleighful, I’m a Christian Phan in LA and I’d love to know where your church is. Maybe you could play the games in the sanctuary and have fans from both teams come to watch and during the 7th inning stretch, you can have an altar call. lol

Last year when you came to the Phils, I knew who you were because one of my co-workers is an avid Cubs fan and had been complaining about you since you came off the DL. I quickly went onto the stats page and to check your stats. You were GREAT before the injury. Then Piniela wouldn’t play you, even though he knew you would never get back to form unless he let you pitch in consecutive games. They gave up on you and threw you out like trash. You know the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” YOU are one of our treasures. I think that you see a lot of Brad Lidge in yourself. A struggling great pitcher who just needed support and opportunities to pitch. When you first came to Philly, Charlie Manuel promised to give you many chances to pitch. He never gave up on you and never hesitated to use you in crucial situations in a game. You rewarded him and the rest of us by being an integral piece of some of the best bullpen pitching we’ve seen in years. Likewise, Charlie never gave up on Brad Lidge, who rewarded Charlie and the rest of us with two extremely difficult saves. Thanks for being a Phillie. PLEASE COME BACK NEXT YEAR REGARDLESS OF WHAT HAPPENS THIS YEAR. You are like a fine wine, you get better with age.

Scott, congrats on advancing. Was your pitch to Gonzalez more up than you wanted? He could not have lifted it for a single if it was at the knees, right?

Also, on the fastball to Helton you said you overthrew it…was it just too fat? Where were you shooting…in on the hands?

Also, are you still committed to retiring after the season or might you return?

‘Never a dull moment’…to say the least! I had about 18 nervous breakdowns Monday night.

Here is a photo I took on that rainy night in August…

Good luck, (not that you guys need it) and thanks for being such a fun team to watch!

I hope it doesn’t snow in LA this weekend. 😉

erichh1, church is in Northridge. Hope Community Bible Church. Come visit! Your idea sounds great! Not sure my die hard Dogger fans would be so happy after service. I just checkled to myself when I heard the Digger in 4 tonight at prayer mtg/bible study. I was at Stairs blast game last yr. WHAT a thrill. I’ve been hunting thru Subhub tonight. Trying to figure I want game 2 on Fri. PM or if it goes at least 5 I could watch them close it out here like last yr.
Thanks for the Hi!

erichh1, church is in Northridge. Hope Community Bible Church. Come visit! Your idea sounds great! Not sure my die hard Dogger fans would be so happy after service. I just checkled to myself when I heard the Digger in 4 tonight at prayer mtg/bible study. I was at Stairs blast game last yr. WHAT a thrill. I’ve been hunting thru Subhub tonight. Trying to figure I want game 2 on Fri. PM or if it goes at least 5 I could watch them close it out here like last yr.
Thanks for the Hi!

Scott, great post on what’s shaping up to be a great blog. Keep ’em coming and keep throwing strikes!

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