Keeping Loose for Game 5

We had a voluntary workout today at the ballpark, so I showed up to throw.

If I was 25 and not 37, my arm would feel fine tomorrow if I didn’t do anything today and just laid around. Even though I threw last night in Game 4, I still came out to get the blood moving. I rode the bike for 30 minutes. I did my shoulder exercises to keep everything strong. I made about 25 to 30 throws from about 100 feet. I got fully loose. I could have walked on the mound and started throwing and be loose for the game in eight to 10 throws. That’s the luxury of being a reliever — you get loose real fast. Or at least you learn to get loose real fast.

But I know you’re still thinking about the ninth inning last night. Matt Stairs’ at-bat was huge. Jonathan Broxton is peppering 98, 98 mph fastballs up there. I didn’t know his ball moved that much, but it does. His ball moves and tails, and I’m not sure he wanted it to. The first ball was in and the next three were all away. I guess they weren’t going to let Stairs beat them again. But then the ball to Carlos Ruiz, I didn’t know Russell Martin had set up away and Broxton threw the ball in. His command was off, and all of a sudden Jimmy Rollins got a hold of one to win it.

Somebody in the clubhouse described our celebration as 25 Little Leaguers running onto the field. Nobody runs to home plate except in a walk-off. I think that made it even more special last night. It was the kid in everyone coming out. It was total, utter excitement and joy coming out of 30-year-old men. You don’t see that too much. It’s cool. Honestly, at that point you’d like to take a step back and watch it. Chad Durbin was in the bullpen and he said he just watched us jump over the railing and run onto the field. He said to watch that unfold was really cool.

In the bullpen we always high-five each other after a win. You don’t just sprint in. It’s actually kind of a bummer when you’re in the bullpen when you win that way. In Game 5 of the World Series, everybody was hoping they could pitch, just so they could be in the dugout for the final out. Because when you’re out in the bullpen and everybody is celebrating, you’re trying to get there as fast as possible. Hey, I’m not fast. I can’t run. The pile had started to break up once I got there. So if I get a chance to celebrate again, I’m going to run faster. I’m going to put on my fast shoes.


Scott, it was great to get your perspective on last night’s events as they unfolded. The complete and unadulterated bliss displayed by these 30+ year-old men is a true testament to your closeness and camaradarie.

It’s certain that MLB players need not have your closeness or even like each other to be successful. Heck, I’ve heard many of the ’80 Phils and ’78 Yankees could not STAND each other.

But it sure does make the ride more enjoyable, doesn’t it?

Again, thanks for sharing. Crash

Hi, Scott,
I love your blog. Please….keep writing it right thru the World Series?

How many guys come out to a voluntary workout like you had today?

It looked exactly as you said, a bunch of kids rushing out to the field, with delight on their faces. It was a very cool moment.

Scott – It’s been an absolute pleasure watching you on the mound, seeing/listening to you in post-game interviews, and reading your thoughts in this blog since you’ve joined the team last year. After watching you guys on ‘The Pen,’ it’s hard not to be a huge fan of all you guys. You’ve quickly become a huge fan favorite, we all love your attitude (not to mention your great ERA). I’ve been a Phillies fan all my life, but as someone who grew up in the 90s/00s, these past 3 years have been some of the best of my life. To see such a cohesive, close, and awesome baseball team wearing the Phillies red has brought me, my friends, and my family so much joy. It seems like you guys just have so much fun. Just 5 more wins, one at a time. And hey, maybe stick around another year?

Not sure if you read these, but if you do: this town loves you so much, you’ve now got your own shirt. I’ve seen Werth walking around in the Panamania Ruiz one so maybe you’ll need to get him to wear yours:

Aw, that’s so cute! It’s exactly how I thought of it. Whenever I see you guys celebrating after a win, especially walk-offs, it always makes me think that you guys are just kids again. It’s really sweet!

Make sure to get your fast shoes on. Fast. I’m sure you’ll need them soon so have them at the ready! Lol. I’m still ecstatic about the win…gah! So awesome! X3

Very cool, it must have been a pretty relaxed atmosphere today – I’m sure Shane was very talkative 🙂 You’ll get the chance to celebrate again, in early November.


I’d like to relate to you and all Phillies “phans” a “ghost story” for Halloween:

I know the 2009 Phillies are trying to lay the ghost of Harry Kalas to rest, and it is much appreciated by EVERY Phillies phan!

As I write this, the “D a m n Yankees” have a 3-1 lead over the Angels, and all signs point to a rematch of the 1950 World Series, where the Yanks swept the Phillies.

If the 2009 World Series is a rematch of 1950, there is at least one other ghost that needs to be laid to rest by your team – none other than the ghost of Richie Ashburn, who was the center fielder of that 1950 Phillies team, and future best friend of Harry Kalas.

Bill S. in Bucks County

Good luck tonight! And tell Shane I hope he feels better soon :O)


Hey Scott,
I love reading your blog. It is great hearing how you and the team see things.
I haven’t written in a couple of days, but i had to take the time today to say congrats on an amazing win. I loved watching that win. Good luck tonight and hope you get to pitch if even to one batter so that you will be in the dugout in the ninth and you can join in the celebration right away.
We are behind you all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott, ask Shane to wait up for you before he runs to the mound.
Go get em!

Any chance of you bringing a laptop to the pen and blogging in the early innings? Tht would be the ultimate, reading a player’s views as the game unfolds

FIJ, how would your boss feel if you blogged during work?

Scott, take care of your arm. Thanks for enduring the pain to help your teammates win. If you guys win today, you can relax at least two more days than if you have to go to LA for game 6. We need Cole to be Cole the ’08 WS MVP, not the prima donna that expects everything to go his way. Please do us all a favor and tell Cole not to take things so personally; it’s just the way baseball is. He should know that by now…..

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